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The MYOB for Coaches Program is an intensive 3-month, business development program based on the book Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching. It is for new and experienced coaches who want to increase their revenues and create a financially successful coaching practice.

If you are:
bullet Looking for more help than just reading Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching
bullet Recognize the importance of receiving specific coaching to help you implement proven principles of finding more clients and filling your coaching practice…

     ...You may be interested in the MYOB for Coaches Business Development Program.

“I am a new coach just starting out and it is so nice to know there are people out there, like you, who are truly interested in my success. I can’t wait to get your new book and I also plan to order your other books."

Georgean Sharp
Pennsylvania Coaching Alliance

To register, you must meet the following 3 criteria:

bullet You must be willing to invest money into building your coaching business through marketing and sales.

To qualify for the MYOB for Coaches program you need to have access to enough financial resources to not only support your lifestyle, but also sufficient to invest in your business. Some of the strategies and techniques you will be taught will take money to implement. We are all strongly convinced that it takes money to make money. This program does not make false promises of instant riches or quick, easy money. It takes work and a financial commitment to invest in yourself and your business.

bullet You must be serious about creating a financially successful coaching practice.

The MYOB for Coaches program is only for people completely serious about building their coaching business. If you are not convinced that the profession of coaching is for you or you are only looking for a personal development program, then the MYOB for Coaches program is probably not a good fit.
bullet You must be able to commit to a 3-month intensive, business development program.

The MYOB for Coaches program is an intensive group coaching program with over 20 hours of coaching. If you are unable or unwilling to make a firm commitment to building your coaching practice over the next 3 months, this may not be the right program for you. Your commitment will take the form of:

  • Investing Your Time on weekly Action Steps (1 to 2 hours each) and weekly Practice Building Programs (4 hours to 1 day)
  • Focusing Your Energy on practical sales and marketing actions that will bring results
  • Completing Your Commitments and Goals
  • Using Your Resources—both internal resources and financial resources to building your coaching practice



“The MYOB for Coaches Program is based on cutting-edge research into the secret strategies of success. If you're struggling with finding more clients and increasing your revenues you owe it to yourself to sign up for this program.”                                                                 

—Stephen Fairley

President of Today's Leadership Coaching
Author of Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching

What is included in the MYOB for Coaches Business Development Program?
bullet Over 20 hours of intensive, professional group coaching over a 3 month period. There are 4 calls per month (once every week for the first four weeks of the month) and each call lasts 90 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the topic and needs of the group.
bullet Peer Interaction. Your group will average 10 to 15 people, all of whom have been qualified to be in the same track as you. You will have opportunities for interacting with each other, learning from each other’s mistakes, and discovering winning strategies from each other’s successes.
bullet Personal Coaching by Highly Trained, Master Coaches. Every coach leading one of the groups has been personally hand-picked and carefully screened by Stephen Fairley as someone who:

  • Has demonstrated their ability to rapidly identify the core of business challenges and coach people to create powerful solutions that can be rapidly implemented
  • Has proven experience in building at least one successful business outside of coaching
  • Has proven experience in building a financially successful coaching practice
  • Has real-world experience in sales, marketing, processes, and/or strategic planning
  • Is Results-oriented, Goal-focused, and Action-centered
  • Is completely dedicated to the success of other coaches
bullet Action Steps and Practice Building Programs designed to help you rapidly achieve your goals.
bullet Lifetime Access to Members Only, on-line resources that will help you build your coaching business including:
  • Actions Steps
  • Practice Building Programs
  • Weekly assignments
  • Special Reports & Instructor Handouts
  • Recorded audio programs on specific business building topics
  • Interviews with America’s top coaches
“I got your book back in January and read it in a weekend. It tied everything together. I was frustrated with coach mentors before I read your book. I have worked for myself for over 13 years and know a lot, but I needed some footprints to follow.

As soon as I started reading your book, I felt like I was home. Thank you so much for your work.”                              
                                                                           Tom Perkins,

Busisness Coach
Portsmouth, NH

bullet Exclusive access to best selling author Stephen Fairley and other nationally recognized coaching experts in member-only teleclasses on hot topics like:
  • Leveraging technology to productize your services
  • Cutting-edge research on the business of coaching
  • Macroeconomic trends and how they will impact your services in 2004
  • Proven sales strategies of highly successful coaches
  • Real world success stories of landing the big contract
  • When to use direct marketing methods—what works and what doesn’t
  • Finding elusive high net worth individuals
  • Strategies for significantly and rapidly increasing your client fees
  • Other topics of interest
bullet Much, much more!

Click here to find out how the MYOB for Coaches Business Development Program
can help you find more clients and fill your coaching practice or call us at 1-888-588-5891.


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