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“Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching is THE MOST SIGNIFICANT WORK TO BE WRITTEN ABOUT HOW TO CREATE, BUILD AND MAINTAIN A FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL COACHING PRACTICE.”                                                                                        -Rey Carr, PhD
                                                                                                      President of Peer Resources


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bullet Is your coaching practice completely full?
bullet Are you getting more referrals than you can really handle?
bullet Do you know exactly when, where and how to find 10 new clients in the next 6 months?
bullet Are you making more money than you thought possible in your first years of coaching?

If you're like the more than 50% of coaches out there with less than 10 paying clients or making less than $50,000 a year then you absolutely need Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching.

"Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching is the first and only
practice development book for coaches with proven strategies and
techniques based on Real World Research."

Over 300 personal and business coaches were studied in a nationwide survey to discover the characteristics of highly successful coaches. For the very first time, the startling findings are revealed:

bullet 73% of all personal coaches make less than $10,000 their first year

Only 11% of professional coaches make more than $50,000 by their 2nd year


Less than 60% of all second-year coaches have 10 paying clients


53% of all full-time coaches make less than $20,000 a year


30% of all coaches have never been able to find 10 paying clients.


Only 9% of professional coaches currently make more than $100,000 a year coaching

There are many programs and products that talk about ways to increase your business and fill your practice, but they are all based on 1 thing—one person’s opinion of how to become successful. Ask them for proof that their methods work and they can only give you anecdotes and testimonials.

The strategies and techniques laid out in this book are not based on a few testimonials or one person’s story of success. Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching is based on objective, real world research that:

bullet Uncovers the secrets of professional coaches who consistently make over $100,000 annually
bullet Shows for the first time the behaviors and actions that separate financially successful coaches from financially unsuccessful coaches.
“Your Chapter 3 on the 12 Largest Markets Where Coaches Are Making Money Right Now is fabulous! I have been trying to get this information in a condensed form for over 2 years.

Your information about the segmentation of companies, industries and positions was very powerful for me. It not only helps me focus on my ideal client to build a profile, but now I feel more knowledgeable about how leadership positions and companies are structured. Power and chain of command is important to understand for me as an outsider trying to get inside."
                                                                                                                       Revel Miller, PhD
                                                                                                             Revel Miller Consulting

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Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching is unique because it is:


The techniques, strategies, and methods in this book are based on Real-World Research, not someone's personal theory of success and failure.

Recognized Internationally

Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching has been highlighted and profiled by many of America’s top coaches and national organizations:

bullet In less than 2 months, became a best selling book on
bullet Profiled by CoachVille, the largest coaching association in the world, in their international
e-zine, Today’s Coach (2MB PDF file)
bullet Featured on Entrepreneur Magazine’s national radio broadcast
bullet Interviews, Teleclasses, and Seminars sponsored by dozens of top coaching organizations including: CoachVille, Chapters of the International Coach Federation, Client Compass,
B-Coach, the American Society of Training and Development, and many others
bullet Testimonials from and interviews with top leaders in the coaching field
bullet Read some of the reviews and interviews

Real-World Experience

There are 15 one-on-one interviews with America’s top personal and business coaches about their secrets to success and real-world experiences of growing a successful practice.


Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching is not about a model of coaching or stories that sound good on paper but haven't actually been tried in real life and it’s definitely not about some vague promise of “take these 5 easy steps and you'll have a full practice in 90 days".  Instead, this cutting-edge book lays out specific, step-by-step strategies for new and experienced coaches to help them find more clients fast and achieve real results.

Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching costs only $24.95 and if you order through this website, it includes two 30-minute coaching sessions for FREE.


Here are just a few of the things you will learn in Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching:

bullet Straightforward answers to serious questions about how to build, maintain, and sustain a financially successful coaching practice
bullet Hundreds of proven techniques and strategies for finding and landing new personal and business coaching clients
bullet The 12 largest markets where coaches are making money right now
bullet 15 step-by-step strategies for rapidly finding your next 10 paying clients
bullet Exactly what actions and behaviors separate financially successful coaches from unsuccessful coaches
bullet Discover proven methods for identifying and reaching your ideal target market
bullet Learn specific strategies and techniques that have proven successful in building thriving coaching practices all across America
bullet The actual nuts-and-bolts of starting and operating a coaching business
bullet What new coaches can do to significantly increase their chances of success
bullet Precisely how much money you need to launch your coaching business if you're just starting out
bullet Where to invest your limited funds for maximum return
bullet The 10 biggest marketing mistakes coaches fall into and how to avoid them now

“I was completely overwhelmed by the prospect of starting my own coaching business until I read this book. It has step-by-step, practical business guidelines; resources I could have never found on my own, and helped me define and focus my target markets. Stephen is a talented and generous coach, with the gift of inspiring and expanding dreams.”

Diana Kilinski, HR Director
United Behavioral Health


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