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Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching

Hello, I'm Stephen Fairley, author of the best selling coaching book, Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching. When I conducted my nation wide survey on over 300 coaches to find out how to create a financially successful coaching practice, I talked to hundreds of new and established coaches. What I discovered really shocked me.


I found many people just starting out in the field of coaching were spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours attending seminars, undergoing training, launching new business ventures, and leaving their jobs with visions of making easy money simply by announcing that they are now a “professional coach.” These same people were quickly confronted by the cold reality of not understanding how to find new clients or even make a reasonable living doing what they love to do.


Currently, I'm seeing a growing trend of good people leaving the coaching field because of unmet expectations—based on a false pretense and fueled by unrealistic success stories of certain people becoming financially wealthy in a few short months.


Many coaches are desperate for someone to show them what really works—not based just on their own personal theories about how things should work—but based on real world research about what is working right now and what the top coaches in the field are doing to be successful.


Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching is designed specifically for those people. If you are committed to building a successful coaching practice, but find yourself frustrated by a lack of clients or an inability to generate enough revenues to maintain your lifestyle, this book is a great place to start.


“Your book is my bible for developing my coaching practice!”

Ronda Clark, Leadership Coach
Seattle, WA


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Here’s to your continued success!




Stephen Fairley


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